Karen Stamper
Yorkshire, England.


Karen was born in the northern English city of Hull on the North Sea coast. Hull has a long history of fishing, a very tough life style, so when Karen first went to Paris, whilst at art college, the contrast was enormous, especially when she saw the work of Matisse for real and not just in books. The revelation of the world of frivolous colour, scale and his cut out works opened up her imagination. Since this discovery Karen has travelled the world absorbing the influences and documenting them is her notebooks. These notebooks are diaries and reflect the places and people encountered and form the basis of her collages. These collages combine found objects like adverts where the text gives an insight to the story composed. The collages are layered, often brightly coloured which gives a vibrancy to the image surface. The textures are also like layers of time, like pages from her visual diaries; 'memory banks', where the collage is made up of objects taken from her travels.

Going Home

Keep The Promise

On The Move Wait For Me