Marcel Warmenhoven
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1954

Marcel Warmenhoven is a classically trained sculptor who attended the Art Academy in Rotterdam and studied at the University of Maastricht. His work clearly demonstrates the rigours of such studies and the care he takes to create his pieces is obvious. He understands how to recreate both human and animal anatomy which are the subjects of his work.

He can, and does, 'sculpt' in the traditional sense but he is not limited to the use of classic methods and materials such as bronze. He also casts with resins and in particular he recycles wood which he builds into figures. The wood can be used to create a piece that he has already decided on but frequently it is the pieces of wood themselves that define the charater of the final sculpture.


Head by Marcel Warmenhoven
Tiger by Marcel Warmenhoven
Bronze Bear by Marcel Warmenhoven Dog by Marcel Warmenhoven
Fox by Marcel Warmhoven
Green Bear by Marcel Warmenhoven
Sitting Man by Marcel Warmenhoven