Oliver Rennert


Like most young children Oliver drew and painted from an early age. However, unlike the majority of children, when he grew up he went on to develop his interest by studying Painting, Design & Industrial History at London's Middlesex Polytechnic.

A few years after graduation Oliver was appointed as an illustrator to the Australian Geographic magazine and hence moved to Australia where later he also worked as a freelancer.

Having become increasingly interested in painting landscape, he continued to do this on his return to Germany. He works patiently and very meticulously in both oils and watercolour and in addition to both pastoral and urban landscapes he produces interior views, still lives and occasionally non-figurative geometric paintings. 

He sums up the inspiration behind his work as :

"I try to capture the impressiveness of a moment`s beauty, no matter how mundane the circumstances. I want to try and hold on to the unique irretrievability of a given instant, and through my work delay its inevitable passing somewhat."

Neuehrenfeld Morning by Oliver Rennert
Ickburgh Road by Oliver Rennert
Gardone Riviera by Oliver Rennert
On The Way Home by Oliver Rennert
Winter Lounge by Oliver Rennert Change in the Weather by Oliver Rennert
Continuity by Oliver Rennert